5 Shorts Films You Need To Watch

Filmmaking has changed in the last few years thanks to technology. As result stories that might never have seen the light of day are being shared with the world. In recent years the short film has become quite popular. Filmmakers used the format as a tool to showcase their skills, using them as business cards, submitting them to festivals all over the world. Some of the best films in the last few years may have been that shorts films you didn’t know about. The Acadamy Awards has been honoring shorts since 1957.

In today’s world, with the cost of making movies getting cheaper, and the digital landscape providing creatives with space to tell uncompromised stories, and audiences growing apatites for something other than what’s coming out of Hollywood, shorts films are taken to a whole new level; in some cases going where feature film will not.

Shorts films have different metrics, and it gives the filmmaker flexibility to experiment, often bring together outstanding talent who would not have seen themselves on the screen otherwise.

So here are the 5-best short films that you need to have on your watch list. Commence learning.

1.One Day Notice

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Is a provocative dramatic comedy short film you’ll wish had no bases in reality. Telling the story of Ruth, played beautifully by Celia Imrie and her Assistant Hunter, played by Adam Lopez. She is a Hollywood agent with a long history of having her talents exploited by the men around her and being undermined and discarded when they’re done. When she meets Hunter, a hungry talent who can’t get his foot in the door, she decided to give him the break no one else in Hollywood will. The comedy takes a dramatic turn when he decided to leave her, becoming one more man in a long line of men to betray her trust. The movie gives you insight into what has pushed Ruth to the edge as all hell breaks loose. If you want to smile, laugh, and see what happens when enough is enough then check this Short film out.

Directed by Bryce Marrero an LA-based filmmaker with an eclectic cinematic palette; using the short film as a tool to give bite-size portions of meeting topics to his audiences. Whether he is grounding his story in the style of a Blaxploitation, a corky comedy, or in the real world, his work is thought-provoking and timely


Rebel is a short film inspired by the rising of the alt-right in Quebec and the ongoing migration debate, director Pier-PhilippeChevigny tells the story of indoctrination, fear, and the loss of innocents, through the eye of Alex, a six-year-old boy, played by Edouard B. Larocue. This short film will leave you feeling hunted and questioning the sanity of the world we live in.

Although the audience suspects it, Alex does not understand how the laugher, playing, music, and the friends his father exposed him to is slowly indoctrinating. However, when his father takes him along a vigilante patrol in the woods he witnesses something that his natural instinct tells him to rebel. Proving that although a child may not have the language they still understand right from wrong. This short film will leave you with heartbreaking questions you may have a hard time answering.

PIER-PHILIPPE Chevigny is well known for taking on weighty topics in his films such as sex trafficking and employee abuse without flinching. During he is sit-down with the Filmmaker Spotlight Series he explained that. After spending years directing critically acclaimed shorts, he is finally making his feature film debut, Richelieu Which is scheduled for release in 2022

3. On-Air

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This jam-packed thriller is a short film that will knock you off your feet. On Air is a full-body blow that will leave a lasting impact even after the movie is over. Filled with unexpected confrontation and darker turns. The movie tells the story of a Radio DJ with a secrete to keep and a caller determined to get it to tell it to the world.

Masterfully directed by Bastiaan Rook and written by MartijnDaamen, this short film thriller is both a character study and a master class in short-form filmmaking.

4. Star Wars: Behind the Saber

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The 5-minute version of the movie was selected as one of the top 25 short for the Star Wars Film Awards sponsored by Lucasfilm and Disney. Writer/Direct Zack Abramowitz expanded the 5-minute directors cut into a 30-minute directors cut that is just pure joy. This comedic short movie is filled with fandom inside jokes and funny banter between an extremely talented cast that includes a who’s who of up and coming actors, including Lenny Thomas, who is on fire with his roles in Tyler Perry Production Ruthless and Colin Buckingham who, after his tern on MR. Robot is one of the top 20 actors you need to know as reported by Variety and The Casting Association of America.

If you want to meet a character, Zack Abramowitz is your man. He is not just a writer and director, this guy can act his butt off. You have also seen the director, Zack Abramowitz, in front of the camera too. In addition to writing and directing Zack Abramowitz has appeared in Above The Shadow, Younger, and MR. Robot. You can currently see him on Bull. Making This movie was a labor of love and reflects his passion for all things related to the force.




5. South of Bix

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South of Bix tells the story of a white woman attempting to reconcile growing up in a racist home and the truth of racial inequality she leans once she has left. The movie will challenge some to look at, and ask, how do you start the conversation about racism when it’s a topic you just do not discuss?

The director and producer were actually unsure whether this was a topic they had a right to bring up, not being people of color. However, how can anyone be an advocate for change when you don’t discuss it. Some homes talk about the topic as a matter of necessity and others can avoid it altogether. If you come from a home like the latter, when and do you make it a necessity?

Briana began her acting career in New York City and sees the film as a natural expansion of her talents.  South or Bix is her directorial debut. Taking the helm out of necessity, she took the script written with her producing partner Justine Lupe and asked a simple question that will make some comfort in the most productive way.


So there it is, 5 movies you must see. They may be short, but they all pack a punch. If you would like to see the films and get directors’ commentary of the films you should Join SonderBlu. All the films are free to members.