With the best movies industry dominated by the impacts of Covid, endless release date postponements, changing content consumption habits, and cinema reopening, there are some best movies that have gone under the radar in 2020.

While waiting for up-comings and some old favorites have kept you in good spirits, plenty of best releases have slipped through the radar. This list includes some of the most interesting, esoteric, and worth watching flicks that got buried under the weight of binge-able blockbusters and pandemic films.

2. Promising Young Women (2020):

This movie, a unique tale of female revenge that will surely cause your jaws to drop. Carey Mulligan, a once-aspiring doctor had to give up her dreams after a traumatic event. She is now on a mission to revenge on abusive men who forced her to quit. Mulligan gives them a taste of their own medicine. Directed and written by Emerald Fennell in her directorial debut, this dark-revenge thriller will make your binge-watching worth a while.

 2.Death on the Nile (2020):

This movie is among Agatha Christie’s best-loved and most famous works. It is a daring travel mystery. The Nile was young, stylish, and beautiful, a girl who had everything – until she lost everything. Without giving away any spoilers, a murder takes place, and the Nile gets shattered by the discovery. You’ll see Branagh reprising his role as Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who must find a killer while vacationing in Egypt. Other than the story, the all-star cast (Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Armie Hammer, and Rose Leslie) will make this movie have on your radar.

3. All Day and a Night (2020): 

Black Panther writer and producer Joe Robert Cole stepped into the director’s shoes for the first time. This movie revolves around a young rapper coming to the terms with the murder he committed, and the turbulent life that proceeded it. Stylized yet gritty depictions of life on the streets of Oakland, California, take viewers to a worthy binge-watching. Additionally, this movie made this list because of the fantastic cast including Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders, and Jeffrey Wright.


4. Horse Girl (2020): 

Alison Brie, you may have known her fantastic performances in Mad Men, and Glow gets the chance to portray her full range in Horse Girl. Since the excellent Anhilliation, this movie is one of the trippiest Netflix films. You’ll surely love all the psychological drama with a plot that tips over into surreal sci-fi territory. This film made this list because it is a meditation on mental health.

5. The Love Birds (2020): 

A newly-buff Kumail Najiani leads this sprightly rom-com, following a couple which is just there to break up reconnects after witnessing a murder. You’ll find Najiani in fine form, and matched by the performance by the brilliant Issa Rae. Najiani’s role could hardly be described as a stretch. Still, he is just adorable and delivers every line perfectly. We added this movie to this list because of its self-deprecating, self-conscious nature.


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