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It is the second part of the article titled “Great Benefits of Joining SonderBlu for Moviemakers.” If you have missed the first part, you can read it by clicking here.

Build Your Audience

On SonderBlu, we help you support the movie and spread the word about it. SonderBlu is a unique platform where we have turned moviemaking as well as movie watching into a social experience of its own kind. For this purpose, we have an exclusive featured called Pride and Roar. This feature allows you to support your movie’s release by rallying together with your social media fans. Thus, you grow your audience and reach to the movie with Pride and Roar.

Distribution by SonderBlu

SonderBlu is all about promoting great movies and great moviemakers. Thus, completed work may get distribution through SonderBlu. Yes, you heard it right! Our team of movie critics is passionate about great work and watches your work with a keen eye and forms its opinions about it. If our team finds your work of high value and give a positive recommendation, you will SonderBlu team ready to distribute your work.

The distributor and distribution circuit are crucial and critical factors in promoting a movie. And one thing we can assure you right now is that you are at the best place for this purpose, and that is SonderBlu.

We hope you find this article helpful in making an informed decision to join SonderBlu. We believe that every piece of great movie work must NOT go unnoticed. If you have created something beautiful, the world must enjoy its beauty to the fullest. Also, the creator of such great work must get due recognition, praise, and rewards for the same. On SonderBlu, all our team members are very zealous about great movie works. It is our passion that has led us to create this platform, and we hope that it will be helpful for every moviemaker out there.

Wouldn’t you love to hear people chanting your name as you walk on the red carpet just before collecting your award?

Pssst! We suggest you also start thinking of your award acceptance speech as soon as you join SonderBlu; yeah, we know it is a bit early, but eventually, it will happen, so be prepared for every great thing that is waiting for you out there.

Today, we have become a great community because of your participation. So, please, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow moviemakers as well as movie lovers and share your thoughts about our platform in the comments section below.

Stay blessed and keep creating great movies!