Is Christopher Nolan’s ‘tenet’ a Sequel to ‘inception’?

Since the release of Tenet’s trailer, many fans are suspecting whether this new movie is a sequel to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Although John David, the film’s lead start, has refuted these theories, still there are many people who are doubling down on the theory. Trailer and teases have positioned this film as precisely that as well.


Anyway, let us clear this confusion once and for all – Tenet is not Inception 2 and that’s a good thing. It’s understandable to get them confused as both movies share plot hinged on reality and physics-challenging futuristic technology, spy influences, and heists. It’s not the only you to assume that it could be a sort of back-door sequel to Inception.


The central idea of Tenet is to uncover the truth about inversion, time-travel, and the future’s plan to destroy the world. As shown in the movie, the entire plan of Tenet (the organization) is to implant ideas so that The Protagonist comes to the realization that he must start the organization himself in the future. As The Protagonist, who wakes from his gruesome recruitment test and is given the name of ‘Tenet’, dedicates himself to defeating the future antagonist’s plot and must be willing to give up anything for the cause – which he does by choosing to die. So Tenet is not just a series of heists designed to save humanity just like shown in Inception, it’s a mind-heist targeting The Protagonist himself.


However, it’s not tough to see how the two movies could be at least tangentially related. When someone asked Washington about the relationship between these two movies, the star gave a cheeky response to throw the cold water on the notion. “I would say ‘Tenet’ is an in-law to Inception. They are related by marriage. They do get-togethers for Thanksgivings, family barbecues like these kinds of things. Other than that, one lives in Europe, and the other one lives in Compton.”


The question is if ‘Tenet’ is Inception’s in-law, then what movie did Inception marry? When they get together for those family reunions and holidays, does time and/or space just start tying itself in knots? These burning questions are still there to answer.


However, there is something of a connection between the two movies that may explain Washington’s earlier interesting comments. Christopher Nolan also revealed one crucial way that the movies are related in his eyes. Noting that ‘Tenet’ is an inspiration for his love of spy movies. He said the simplest way to approach this is to say what we did with Inception for the heist genre is what ‘Tenet’ attempts to bring to the spy genre”. In other words, Inception and Tenet are similar to some extent because of the sort of film they are – using a grand, Nolan-Esque scale and a killer sci-fi idea to jazz up familiar tropes rather than any specific story or character beats. They are related but not in a relationship with each other, maybe more like second cousins than in-laws.


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