In the last decade, millions of people across the globe have cut the cord and said goodbye to satellite television and cable, replacing it with online streaming sites. Movie fans don’t have to miss out on the fun because of tons of options for watching their favorite on-demand movies without the burden of a cable bill. The streaming boom has been so massive that online streaming platforms like Netflix are now valued in the billions and regularly produce original high-budget films and series. Some other new online movie streaming sites with integrated collaborative and social features have also been introduced in the market. Sonderblu is one of them.


With the growth of online streaming, cord-cutting has become a lot more complicated. That’s why we are going to discuss the best movie streaming services so that your cord-cutting process will go smoothly and you may even discover a new favorite movie that you would have never able to watch yet.


1. Netflix:

If you are a movie-bluff, there is only one must-have player in town and that’s Netflix. Since launching its own original content in 2013, Netflix, unequivocally, has become the biggest and best streaming service. Despite not always stocking its digital shelves with must-have new movies, this is the online streamer you need to own if you ever plan on cutting the cord.


These days, most smart TVs have Netflix apps, and the Netflix web-portal also makes it easy for users to stream on a web browser. The quality of the movies streaming in Ultra HD is just exquisite. One of the threats to Netflix is its licensed content disappearing to newer, competing networks – has left the fans in concern. Netflix subscription starts $9/month (basic plan) and goes up to $16/month (4k Premium Plan). Netflix also offers a 1-month free trial so that users can if it’s worth their money.


2. Hulu:

Hulu comes in two flavors: the standard on-demand streaming service you have always loved and known, and the Hulu with Live TV. It is also the only streaming service app available on the Nintendo Switch. You can find big-name titles on this platform, subscription starting from as low as $5.99/month but if you add Disney Plus and ESPN Plus then it jumps to $12.99 per month.


The only problem with Hulu is they will air some advertisements and keep you away for a while from the content you are apt to pay for, but it’s nothing you are not used to coming from traditional cable.


3. Amazon Prime:

Amazon offers access to its video in one of two ways: a standalone Amazon Video subscription and Amazon Prime Subscription. Amazon Video subscription costs $8.99 per month and only offers access to Amazon’s streaming video library. On the other hand, with the Amazon Prime account – you not only enjoy multiple shipping and shopping perks but also get access to its prime content, cost $12.99/month. In recent years, Amazon is trying to produce high-quality original shows but still has its fair share of struggle to reach heights. Amazon Video library has tons of popular movies available for streaming at no additional cost. Plus, users also have the option to purchase or rent movies and shows similar to Apple’s iTunes.


4. SonderBlu:

If you are a hard-core movie-maniac who is passionate about the art of filmmaking and socialize on discussing the fine-age movies, then SonderBlu is for you. SonderBlu is a unique streaming and social experience for movie lovers and moviemakers to watch movies, discover filmmakers, and unheralded films while discussing your favorite actresses/actors.


With the help of collaborative streaming, SonderBlu helps you enjoy movie streaming with your loved ones around the globe. You can write or make a video review right after watching a movie. You can chat with your friends with the help of an integrated message board. Recommend, rate, or tweak your favorite classic movies anytime you want. Support film and moviemakers in return.


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