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We’ve created a unique streaming and social experience for movie lovers and movie makers. It’s a place to watch movies, discover filmmakers, and unheralded films, while discussing your favorite actresses/actors and upcoming movies. SonderBlu is the only place to Connect, Share, Stream, and Socialize around movies.

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Rate Movies

Was the movie great? Did the movie disappoint you? Was it just OK? Let others know what you think of the movie on SonderBlu.

Pride & Roar

Individuals can support a film’s release by rallying together with other fans to give a collective roar of support on social media and join like-minded communities on SonderBlu.


You can ask or give movie recommendations to your friends and family. On SonderBlu, your recommendations will help expand a film’s audience reach.

Review Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and just had to let the world know how you felt? On SonderBlu, you can create a video review right after you watch a movie or when they leave the theater.

Movie Screenings

Filmmakers love to get feedback on their movies before letting their baby out into the world. On SonderBlu, you can see previews and be a part of the film making process by sharing your thoughts with directors and producers.

Message Board

Watching movies is great fun, but die-hard movie fans have a lot to say. On SonderBlu you’re welcomed to talk about movies anytime you want.

Movie lovers Voice

Ever thought a movie could be better with a few tweaks? On SonderBlu you can make and share movie tweaks, get and give feedback and maybe be a part of creating a classic.

Collaborative Streaming

You may be alone at home, but you can still enjoy movie nights with your friends on SonderBlu. You can watch a movie with your favorite people, wherever they are in the world.


• Action/Adventure
• Art House
• Biopics
• Comedy
• Drama
• Indies and much more . . .

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users reviews

“I just love this platform. I travel a lot and miss watching movies with my family. I can enjoy watching movies with them wherever I am in the world now. Great service.”

Nick Brown

“I’ve enjoyed SonderBlu from the second I first logged on. Since IMDB closed its message boards there hasent been a place dedicated for us movie lovers, until now”

Tameka Archer

“The closure of the IMDB message board was devastating for me and many other movie fans. Before it closed, it was a fun place to share my thoughts and read what others have to say about movies. Sonderblu has rescued all of us movie heads. Thanks a lot for such a great platform.”

Nick Munoz

The best variety of shows and best digital surround 5.1 sound. Better at fast processing. Better UHD picture. The ability of remembering where you left in a middle of a show or movie. New shows and the biggest selection of movies.

Jeff Williams

It is literally the best movies and collaborative streaming platform ever. Worth every dollar!

Jessica Isaac

Exclusive Discount for Being First on the Scene!

The World’s First Interactive Streaming Platform

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